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Meet the New Airside

The New Airside

Today marks an exciting day for Airside: we are unveiling our new, abbreviated name and our enhanced brand, logo, and website! First, check out our name:

Our Name Change

Our brand is so much more than a logo and colors; it’s an extension of our mission, culture, and relationships with partners and customers. Our company has transformed tremendously since our launch in 2009 and our brand needed a little renovation to better align with our growth and all the cool things we are building.

First, we vetted several hundred names across multiple rounds of review and ultimately decided to change our name from Airside Mobile to Airside. Yes, it’s a slight modification, but it provides multiple benefits.

Airside was founded shortly after the first generation iPhone was launched. We hopped at the opportunity to develop ultra-secure mobile technology, including the award-winning Mobile Passport App. However, the “Airside Mobile” label no longer applies to our broader set of capabilities and offerings that extend beyond mobile apps to SDKs, APIs, and more. Our new name maintains continuity of our brand while also allowing more breadth and depth for our products and services.

We also love the thoughts and feelings that are conveyed with Airside and we think you will, too. Our name is a sincere representation of who we are. As background, the term “airside” in the aviation sector refers to the secure side of an airport, accessible to only passengers and staff after a security check. This is a throwback to our founders, Hans and Adam, who served to build and scale TSA according to its security mandate. The capitalized “A” in our name correctly portrays the strength and trust we have in our company and with our partners and customers.

Our Visual Overhaul

This project kicked-off with stakeholder interviews to determine the challenges with our conventional look and find the most authentic way to represent Airside. We prepared several mood boards and hosted an in-person workshop to collect candid input on what story we wanted to tell.

From here, we created refined visual concepts to explore four concepts in-depth. We ultimately selected the ‘Journey Around the Sun’ concept (pictured 3rd from the left below).

Our emphasis on providing peace-of-mind technology helped us reach our overall aesthetic of time — both how to save time and how to spend quality time. This directed our overall aesthetic, including our color pallate and imagery. The color palette ranges from a light orange (dawn) to dark blue (dusk) and enabled us to communicate our key sentiments of Trust, Joy, and Empowerment.


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