The fastest way to prove who you are and protect your information.

Forget documents and photocopies. Use the Airside App to securely and easily identify yourself while maintaining complete control over your personal information.

Digital ID you can trust

Save time

Unlock convenient experiences by securely and accurately enrolling and verifying your IDs on a mobile device.

Gain peace of mind

Privacy-first technology is real and it’s in your hands. Enjoy the freedom that comes with this secure solution for sharing and verifying IDs, so everyone knows who to trust.

Be in control

Decide when, how and with whom to share your information. Consent is always on your terms.

Get started in minutes


Quickly add and verify your ID

Scan, tap, click and you’re ready to go. All information is secured and encrypted for your privacy.


Grant access to your information, on your terms

Stay in control over who can see your data, why, and for how long. You can choose to revoke access at any time.

Prove your identity

Keep your personal details private and share only the details you choose.


Unlock convenient experiences

Boarding a flight tomorrow? Opening a bank account from your couch? Starting a new gig? Use Airside and you’re on your way.

Join over 8,000,000 members who already trust Airside.

We're on your side at Airside

Privacy by Design

At Airside, we believe privacy is a right. We do not store, cannot access, and never sell your information. Your information always remains in your control.

Security as a Promise

At Airside, we use advanced encryption technology to keep all of your information safe, whether it’s on your device or being shared securely with your consent.

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Airside App Identity Protection Biometric Verification
Airside App Identity Protection Biometric Verification
Airside App Identity Protection Biometric Verification
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